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Let your kids explore the Land of CYKE. They can play online games at Castle Fairhope, read stories at Pelican Point, or take a ride on the E. Motion Express.

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A recent report indicated that early detection and intervention can lead to more positive results with a child that may have autism.

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Dr. Vincent Ho, a child and adult psychiatrist, writes about the problems all families face. A father of three, he knows it’s more than “by the book.”

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Visit the CYKE Forum and find out how other people have approached different problems. You’re not alone, hear what others have to say.

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Don’t miss an issue of the CYKE Newsletter. Keep up to date on the newest information available at CYKE and receive helpful suggestions.

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Many CYKE resources address different emotional problems throughout the life of your child. From anger problems to alcohol abuse prevention, check the CYKE Shop.

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CYKE works with academic institutions, non-profit groups, and private companies to promote the mental health of children. We have also received funding from federal agencies and health organizations to produce a number of projects. We continue to seek other alliance partners to help further CYKE’s mission.

Academic Institutions
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
Emory University
George Washington University

Federal Agencies
National Institute of Mental Health
National Institute on Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse
National Institute of Child Health and Human Development
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Non-Profit Groups
Institute for Mental Health Initiatives

Health Organizations
American Academy of Pediatrics
Breastfeeding Promotion in Physicians’ Office Practices Program
Childhood Immunization Support Program
Healthy Child Care America
Children’s Hospital of Alabama

Doc Hollywood
Mercy Hospital System
RoundTable Studios
Uptown Pediatrics
Sandy Plains Pediatrics











About CYKE

What does "C-Y-K-E" stand for?

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See how the E. Motion Express helps the Monkey King control his anger in this 3-D animated video clip.

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Read our E. Motion review of the “Lion King” to find out how you can use this movie to talk about loss and sadness with your child.

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Keep your own personal list of articles that you find most important. Join our CYKE Circle of premium members. Members receive discounts on products and services.

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Whether you’re dealing with the “Terrible Two’s” or “Teen Years” learn to pick and choose your battles.

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Take a look at some of the books, TV shows, and movies that we have found useful and fun for children.

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