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A recent report indicated that early detection and intervention can lead to more positive results with a child that may have autism.

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Dr. Vincent Ho, a child and adult psychiatrist, writes about the problems all families face. A father of three, he knows it’s more than “by the book.”

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Emotional or mental health can be threatened by illness. Some people think that mental illness is something that you can “just get over” and “they’re not real, they’re just in your head.” Nothing can be further from the truth. Mental illnesses are medical conditions and they are certainly in a person’s brain, but many times there is help and treatment available.

How can you tell when your child’s problem may be more than just a “growing up problem.” Parents sometimes get these gut feelings:

“Things just doesn’t seem right.”
“It’s like walking around on egg shells around that kid.”
“We’re always fighting and arguing about every little thing.”
“He’s always worried, asks me tons of questions all the time.”
“She doesn’t like to do anything or see any of her friends.”
“Making friends is so hard for him.”
“It’s like he’s either at zero or going 100 milies a minute, there’s no in between.”
“Little tiny things get her so upset.”

Listen to your instincts and check this site to see if some of challenges you might be facing, may actually be part of a serious problem. Mental illness is real and a part of life. Forget all the old prejudices. It doesn’t mean a person is weak or broken. We all face these conditions through our lives.

Every organ in your body is vulnerable to wear and tear and illness. The brain is no different. Within developed countries, the World Health Organization has found that nine of the top ten illnesses that rob the most health years from people are illnesses that
impact mental health.















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