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A recent report indicated that early detection and intervention can lead to more positive results with a child that may have autism.

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Dr. Vincent Ho, a child and adult psychiatrist, writes about the problems all families face. A father of three, he knows it’s more than “by the book.”

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Therapy or counseling has change a lot since the old image of a "shrink" talking to a peron on a couch. Today, therapy is usually short-term and goal-focused. Therapy is a vital part of understanding a child's behavioral problems and developing better ways to cope with problems. There are lots of different "talking therapies" and counselors might use one of these approaches: cognitive therapy, interpersonal therapy, play therapy, and psychodynamic therapy.

In general, many therapists use a combination or blend of different approaches. Research has shown that one of the most important factors of an effective therapist was not what type of therapy they used, but their level of empathy. But when you're looking for a therapist, keep in mind that "empathy" is not the same as "sympathy." You don't necessarily want a therapist that says "oh, poor you," but you are looking for a person that can understand what it might be like for you to go through certain things and help problem-solve possible solutions.

Cognitive therapy:
Cognitive therapy is a prime example of short-term, goal-oriented therapy. This type of therapy has been shown to be effective in many different situations including: depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorders, eating disorders, and substance abuse disorders.

The basic idea of cognitive therapy is that a person's feeling is closely connected to their thoughts. How a person thinks can affect how they feel. When a person is suffering from a condition like depression, a person may develop negative thought patterns. Identifying these thought patterns and finding different ways to think about things is a main focus of this therapy.

In cognitive thereapy, a therapist is an active participant. The therapist serves as an expert guide that can help you focus on a list of goals and how to achieve them in therapy.

Some things to consider:
Therapy is an important part of getting better. It provides a child with someone that is not a friend of family member that can act as sounding board.

Medication and therapy work best together.

Find a therapist and type of therapy that seems to fit your situation.

Find a therapist that is empathic and seems to understand what it's like for you to go through a particular situation.







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